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As The New Year Approaches

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Sep 18, 2009

This weekend marks the start of the year 5770. Tonight we celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year - also my favorite holiday.

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The Story of Exodus, As Told Through Facebook

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Apr 3, 2009

This brings together two fabulous things: Jewish stories and social media geekiness - in a hilarious way!

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Happy Holidays (and Merry Christmas... to all you Jews too)!

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Dec 24, 2008

Happy Holidays everyone! Enjoy!

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The Return of My Personal Blog: Hanging Out in San Francisco

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Nov 3, 2008

I am shamefully returning to my loyal dozen or so readers who I know have been anxiously awaiting my next blog post. My absence is definitely a good sign I'd say - I've been busy traveling and working and doing all sorts of fun and exciting things. But I am committed to making a return. I've wondered what exactly I would blog about here, since really most of my blogging efforts are focused on the HubSpot blog and the Inbound Marketing Summit blog and, of course, all my microblogging on twitter.

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Lessons from a Beer Cap

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Jun 7, 2008

"Moments only pass to make room for more"

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"Complete" New Testament in the Form of a Teen Magazine (Video)

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Jan 31, 2008

This post brings together two of my favorite things: comedy and religion. Oh, and a third I guess: my family. But maybe I shouldn't have given that away...

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Topics: comedy, religious studies

Thank You, Google, For Your Recommended Blog Feed

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Dec 2, 2007

Google does it again. I am actually quite impressed (and scared) by how Google can pick up on my interests and suggest links and blog feeds that I may actually be interested in checking out.

For the first time today I noticed a message in my Google Reader with some recommended feeds. I actually immediately clicked on the first link (Church of the Customer Blog)... marketing with a religious studies twist? Yes, please! I'm sure Google has picked up on my interest in marketing (after all most of my feeds are marketing-related) but could it also have picked up on my subtle love of religious studies?

I'm still catching up on some of the old posts to that blog, but so far I'm liking what I'm reading and it actually reminds me a bit (in terms of the overarching topic/theme) of a presentation I did in undergrad about what marketers can learn from organized religion and religious organizations. Interesting stuff for sure.

This is all fun and good, but what freaks me out is when I write an email in gmail and then a number of paid links show up on the side of my browser advertising things directly related to something I wrote in my email... A little freaky and I'm not so keen on Google reading my emails, even if it is a computer doing the reading. BUT I will say that a particular instance of this happening to me did inspire another blog post to be posted in the future... So be on the lookout.

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