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New Marketing Hire Training Curriculum

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Jan 13, 2015

Have a new marketer joining your team? Need to get them up to speed on... everything? Well, here's your list of everything. This is a curriculum I've compiled for my new team members after hiring a dozen or so marketers. This will ensure you don't miss a critical piece to getting your new hire up and running quickly!

Companynew marketing hire training curriculum

  1. Tell the founding story and the mission of the company
  2. Describe the culture and the employee values
  3. Support your descriptions with videos and articles about the mission and culture, along with case studies to showcase customer success
  4. Recommend key blog articles that give insight into the industry and common topics


  1. Do an in-person or provide a recorded demo of your product - both high-level and deep-dive
  2. Provide sample or demo access to your product so that they can explore it themselves



  1. Share how the team is structured
  2. Explain who does what - primary responsibilities and areas of expertise
  3. Suggest people to meet - encourage your new hire to take them to coffee to pick their brain on a topic relevant to each of their jobs


  1. Outline the team's priorities and goals
  2. Walk them through the main metrics used to evaluate the team's performance
  3. Share examples of past projects to give them a feel for how you're tackling those priorities


  1. Walk them through your primary buyer personas (Don't have personas? Use my persona template and guide.)
  2. Have them sit in on a few sales calls and a few hours of support calls to hear from typical customers and prospects directly

Sales & Marketing Funnel

  1. Outline and define the funnel lifecycle stages - from lead to customer and everything in between
  2. Explain how the sales team is structured and how and when they follow up with leads to turn them into customers
  3. Walk them through the lead gen process and where your leads are coming from today

Administrative Tasks

  1. Set up a weekly one-on-one and invite them to relevant recurring meetings
  2. Add them to team email lists / Google groups
  3. Add them to shared calendars
  4. Get them set up with logins to any software/accounts
  5. Give them relevant system setup information - like printer setup instructions, how conference room booking works, etc.
  6. Have them update their social profiles to reflect their new role
  7. Share cheat sheets of company-specific lingo, like common acronyms or even inside jokes


  1. List self-serve resources like wiki articles or your blog
  2. List ways to connect with other employees, like an internal chat or email

Software Training

  1. For any software your team uses, give some self-serve training resources
  2. Also deliver some in-person training so that they can ask questions
  3. Do knowledge checks, like an initial basic task, to confirm that they've grasped basic use cases

Marketing Reading (courtesy of HubSpot)

Disclaimer: Because I spent much of my career at HubSpot, the marketing reading list we compiled naturally focused on HubSpot articles. I maintain that these are great educational and thorough posts to use as reference.

  1. For a primer on inbound marketing, go through the Inbound Certification
  2. Check out the State of Inbound for recent stats on marketing trends
  3. Articles on content creation
    1. Benefits of Business Blogging
    2. How to Make Your Blog Posts SEO-Friendly
    3. How to Create Ebooks from Start to Finish
    4. How to Write Better Headlines
  4. Articles on website conversion
    1. What is a Landing Page and Why Should You Care
    2. 11 Simple But Critical Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages
    3. What Consumers Want from Your Website
    4. Checklist for Creating Compelling Calls-to-Action
  5. Articles on email marketing and marketing automation
    1. Anatomy of a Great Email
    2. 6 Email Tests That Matter More Than Your Subject Line
    3. 9 Benefits of Lead Nurturing
    4. Marketing Automation Triggered Emails
  6. Articles on sales and marketing alignment
    1. How to Create a Sales and Marketing SLA
    2. 12 Critical Sales & Marketing Metrics
  7. Additional articles
    1. 6 Marketing Metrics Your CEO Actually Cares About
    2. Everything You Need to Research & Created Buyer Personas
    3. How to Develop a Website Redesign Strategy
    4. How to Structure a Marketing Team of Any Size

Have other must-haves on your new hire resource list? Please share them!

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