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How to Give Feedback without Giving Feedback

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Feb 5, 2015

I got this simple tip from a coworker years ago and, to this day, I still use it. It was the first time I was learning how to run one-on-ones - not because I was managing anyone, rather, I was working so closely with this mentor and friend that we held two-way one-on-ones with each other. This proved to be quite useful as I started to manage direct reports.

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The #1 Quality of a Good Marketing Resume

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Jan 28, 2015

There are many ways to evaluate resumes and job applications. Skills, experience, references, career progression. But there's one quality that tops the list. One quality that is a great sign of a quality candidate who can have a positive impact on your marketing team.

The #1 quality of a good Marketing resume? Results.

Unfortunately, there are many resumes that lack this results-orientation. For a hiring manager like myself, that makes for a quick filtering process. But it also hits a nerve, because I know that marketers should be - and are - better than that.

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Choosing Your Next Job: What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Jan 21, 2015

"Choose your non-negotiables." I heard this piece of advice a few times as I was going through my recent job search. I was lucky enough that I had multiple options of companies I could join and I was trying to sort through the different opportunities. As I met with venture capitalists along the way - to get suggestions on companies and other tips - I heard this particular tip on how they think about investing and how I could think about choosing my next role.

There's no perfect opportunity. No perfect role at a perfect company that has the perfect team, perfect market, perfect product. Every opportunity has its winning attributes as well as some things it lacks. The same goes for investments. One startup might have the most experienced and promising team. Another might have a great product with incredible traction and revenue growth. There are a number of different factors by which to evaluate a potential investment.

  1. Team - experience, intelligence, passion, industry insight
  2. Growth - customers/users, revenue
  3. Industry - market size, growing industry, competition
  4. Terms - deal (compensation package for the job seeker, investment/valuation for the investor), role (day-to-day responsibilities for the job seeker, board involvement for the investor)
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New Marketing Hire Training Curriculum

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Jan 13, 2015

Have a new marketer joining your team? Need to get them up to speed on... everything? Well, here's your list of everything. This is a curriculum I've compiled for my new team members after hiring a dozen or so marketers. This will ensure you don't miss a critical piece to getting your new hire up and running quickly!


  1. Tell the founding story and the mission of the company
  2. Describe the culture and the employee values
  3. Support your descriptions with videos and articles about the mission and culture, along with case studies to showcase customer success
  4. Recommend key blog articles that give insight into the industry and common topics


  1. Do an in-person or provide a recorded demo of your product - both high-level and deep-dive
  2. Provide sample or demo access to your product so that they can explore it themselves
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How to Make Your Employees Feel Like Owners

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Jan 5, 2015

In my seven years at HubSpot, I felt more like an owner than an employee. It might sound a little strange, as I started as a junior marketer and it’s always been clear who the founders and executives are, and I was neither. But I felt like an owner. I was committed like an owner. I thought about HubSpot in my off-hours (if you could even call them that). I worked so passionately that, when one of my projects didn’t get launched, I was legitimately heartbroken.

HubSpot was masterful in establishing this incredible commitment from its employees - remarkable in today’s age of no-bullshit millenials. Looking back, here are the key elements I experienced in making employees feel like owners.

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A New Year, A New Adventure, A (Re)New(ed) Blog

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Dec 31, 2014

This week marks the start of a new adventure for me. After seven amazing years at HubSpot, I left to start the next phase of my career at Toast, a restaurant management software company.

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Giving Up Perfectionism for Creativity

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Nov 21, 2013

This is my 8th speech from the Toastmasters program. Speech #8 is all about using visual aids... you don't get to experience the live demo I did during the actual presentation, so just imagine me demonstrating each technique - with audience help - after each section.

Hi, my name is Ellie and I'm a recovering perfectionist. For all the fellow perfectionists out there, I want to share my story of how I learned to let go of my perfectionist ways in favor of being more creative.

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Humility Is More Than a Value, It's a Strategy

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Nov 11, 2013

Humility has always been one of my company's core cultural values. But just recently I realized that it's also a strategy for growth. Humility, in a work context, brings:

  • focus on delivering value long term
  • ruthless prioritization of what's most important to the company
  • willingness to listen to others' ideas that might seem crazy
  • comfort in working with people who are better than you
  • evaluation based on objective measurement rather than gut feel
  • willingness to restart when something you've created doesn't work in a new context
  • detachment from one's ideas to focus on whoever's ideas that will bring the best results
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How to Wish the Marketing Geek in Your Life a Happy Birthday

Posted by Ellie Mirman

May 17, 2013

Today I received some of the best emails I've ever gotten.

Honestly at first I was concerned - I'm on our own marketing email list and thought that an email about staying young had gone to our prospects. Then I opened up the emails to a wonderful surprise. I think everyone in the Starbucks I stopped into thought I was crazy for laughing out loud at my phone.

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Who's In Your Customer Base? 3 Lessons from Paperless Post

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Nov 4, 2012

Today I got to pretend I was a student again by going to Harvard Business School for the 18th annual Cyberposium conference. I got to hear from the founders of LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Paperless Post, plus many other executives in the tech industry. The event kicked off with Alexa Hirschfeld, the co-founder of Paperless Post, an online invitation company based in New York. Alexa shared a few things she's learned over the years of running this startup with her brother - things she was surprised by as she ventured out into the startup world.

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