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How to Wish the Marketing Geek in Your Life a Happy Birthday

Posted by Ellie Mirman

May 17, 2013

Today I received some of the best emails I've ever gotten.

Birthday Email Inbox

Honestly at first I was concerned - I'm on our own marketing email list and thought that an email about staying young had gone to our prospects. Then I opened up the emails to a wonderful surprise. I think everyone in the Starbucks I stopped into thought I was crazy for laughing out loud at my phone.

7 Awesome Birthday Emails Just for a Marketing Geek

1. How to Stay Young

I like the clear personalization and the helpful tips in this guide. Not sure what I'm more excited about - learning how to look "hip" like the young folks or finding out how to measure my birthday.

Birthday Email Sarah

2. Biggest Birthday Challenge

From the second email I could tell I'd see differences based on the personality of the sender. Of course Patrick wants to teach me to spit on trick candles.

Birthday Email Patrick

3. What NOT to Do

Going negative always works. Of course, I've already violated the first tip but I'm so glad I checked my work email so that I could experience this insanity.

Birthday Email Taylor

4. Have a Clear Call to Action

Sam has got this down pat.

Birthday Email Sam

5. A Birthday Gift

I also really enjoy the before and after photo. I have so much to look forward to.

Birthday Email Jess

6. Plan For Your Future

Birthdays aren't all fun and games. Thank goodness Matt is looking out for my future.

Birthday Email Matt

7. Diagnosing My Birthday Wishes

When you can't automate, go to humans. I'm so glad that HubSpot reps are on the case to diagnose my birthday wishes.

Birthday Email Kipp

And Don't Forget the Landing Page

Thanks team :)

Birthday Landing Page

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