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My DartBoston Pokin' Holes Debut - Critiquing Launch Into Boston

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Sep 25, 2009

Last night I finally made it out to my first DartBoston Pokin' Holes event and I was on a panel of three critiquing Launch Into Boston.

Overall, it was a great experience - met some great people and got to talk about a really interesting business. Full video is below, but here are the basics:

DartBoston: DartBoston is a community of young entrepreneurs and professionals in the Boston area.

Pokin' Holes: DartBoston holds a live weekly video podcast and event called "Pokin' Holes" that evaluates and provides feedback to young entrepreneurs starting new ventures.

Launch Into Boston: This week we evaluated Launch Into Boston, a service for recent college graduates and young professionals to transition into life in Boston.

Panelists: Jason Evanish, Neha Patadia, and myself, and moderated by DartBoston's Cort Johnson

Big thanks to Cort and DartBoston for inviting me to join the panel. It was a great time and I'm sure I'll be back!

Topics: marketing, university, work life, video, events

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