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A New Year, A New Adventure, A (Re)New(ed) Blog

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Dec 31, 2014

This week marks the start of a new adventure for me. After seven amazing years at HubSpot, I left to start the next phase of my career at Toast, a restaurant management software company.

The decision to leave HubSpot

The decision to leave what I accurately described in my last ToastSpot meeting as my dream job was difficult. I left amazing friends and colleagues that pushed me and taught me every day. I left the world of marketing to marketers about marketing - in other words, the opportunity to surround myself with the thing I loved. In my last few weeks at the company, I got incredibly nostalgic, thinking back to all the growth (and all the growing pains) and all the good times from the last seven years.

But I knew it was time. I knew I wanted to run marketing, join a startup again, and start this next phase. After a thorough search (with the support of my bosses, too), I found an incredible company that I'm excited to join.

I wrote about the lessons from my departure on OnStartups.com:

8 Unconventional Lessons From Quitting My Job at HubSpot

Click through to read about my lessons, and also enjoy this gem of a team photo from 2007 (the day we came out of beta):



Revitalizing my blog

Now that I won't be talking about marketing all day, I'll finally have the chance to revitalize my blog. I'll be writing about marketing tips and startup life. Stay tuned.

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